17 Gifs that Perfectly Sum Up Parenting

1. When you just want them to go the f to sleep

2. When you make a gourmet meal for a kid who only eats chicken nuggets

3. When trying to convince them to just taste it

4. When you’re willing to pay them just to try it

5. When you tell them for the 876th time not to touch something

6. When they won’t stop fighting

7. When you have no idea how their room got this bad

8. When you just want 5 minutes alone

9. When you want them to
Please. Stop. Talking.

10. When you know you talk to walls

11. When you find strange sticky substances

12. When your kid brings home a new “pet”

13. When you can’t seem to teach them to pee IN the toilet

14. When they’ve mastered peeing in the toilet, but just leave it there

15. When you don’t know if you should be disgusted or proud

16. When they finally push you too far

17. When you know, no matter what, you love those little heathens

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